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  1. All nets, mats & weigh-slings brought onto the fishery must be bone dry

  2. Cars may be used on fishery but ONLY for unloading or loading tackle

  3. No dogs

  4. No bait boats

  5. BBQs may be used but ONLY if raised off ground & not before 6pm

  6. No keepnets, EXCEPT in matches

  7. ALL anglers must have a landing net

  8. No sacking of carp - ALL fish to be returned to the water immediately in net or sling

  9. No fixed leads

  10. Barbless hooks only

  11. No live bait or spinning on lakes

  12. No nuts or beans unless supplied by Monk Lakes

  13. No refunds

  14. ALL anglers must be in possession of a National Rod Licence

  15. No braided main line or lead core

  16. Ball games and anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated - offenders will be banned

  17. A charge will be levied for non-anglers - genuine visitors accepted

  18. Large fish may only be photographed at mat level

  19. Please use the litter bins for your lines and litter

  20. Under 18s must be accompanied by a parent at all times. 


  1. Prior booking only

  2. No Juniors

  3. Minimum 42" landing net

  4. Minimum 15lb line

  5. Large specimen size padded unhooking mat

  6. Green Bivvies only

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